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Man, Monday comes so fast. Stupid Monday. The girls were fighting this morning so I kicked Mander out of bed to deal with it. If *I* get up to deal with it, we just replace their screaming with mine, so she gets up, bless her heart. I really do need to wake up "just so." Has to be my idea. :)

Think I also peeved Mander this morning when I found her looking at pigs for sale, which I have said over and over I do not want to raise (the only up side to raising a pig is the meat, and we have friends who raise beautiful, clean pork and nothing will convince me it's actually cheaper to raise one, plus all the certain headaches of having it) and said, "Please. There are limits, don't waste my patience." Because seriously woman, that would be a waste of my patience when everyone around me needs me to have a reservoir of patience. Am I right? Heh, you know the answer is YES. :D

Yesterday was sooooo lovely. Church was great. Darcey preached at our church, which satisfies my "see Darcey preach" seasonal aspiration right off the bat with no effort on my part, yay. Tons of people commented on how much they appreciated the sermon too, which is always nice to hear about your friend. Saturday night we had a potluck at their house with our friend Drew so he came to church too and knew one of the ladies. Turns out she is a great party date so we made tentative plans to get her involved in a dinner sometime too. I learned she taught Italian at Cornell back in the day and begged her to offer lessons at the service auction. Not how to speak Italian, how to CURSE in Italian. :D She goes, oh we can just do one a week! And taught me to say Shit! (phonetically kay KAT-zo.) She confirmed that my mother's favorite swear in my childhood is Italian but didn't tell me what it means hahaha. That one is stut-AH-zeet. Then there was a champagne brunch to celebrate making budget (I had a sip during the toast, no urge to go get shitfaced, yay) and I got to talking with Camila, who lives right around the corner from us.

I think I've mentioned Camila before, her partner has early-onset Alzheimer's. Sucks. But she mentioned it was harvest time for the grapes and that she's only canned once before and it didn't come out and naturally I volunteered to help her out. So we all went over to help them pick grapes and then stayed for a lovely dinner of their own chicken, veg from their garden and truly just *lovely* conversation. They are such nice people. Linda is so witty, even when she's grappling for words and struggling to remember stuff. (We walked her through the sermon and being at church at one point, she didn't remember being there. So sad.) Camila is just a doll. She likes to paper craft too and we have schemes to get together and do that. She can't leave Linda alone really anymore, so we're considering how/whether the girls could hang out with her sometimes when Camila needs to do stuff.

I brought most of the grapes home since I have a steam juicer and could get a head start on making juice for jelly. Linda mentioned several times that she used to make a grape pie that was to die for and she'd dig out the recipe, etc. I happen to have a pie crust ready to go so last night I deskinned and deseeded the needed grapes so when I go back today to get the jelly going and harvest the last, etc. I can bring the pie with me. I hope that makes for happy.

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Sounds like a GREAT Sunday!! :-D And mmmmmmm grapes!!


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