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I'm surprised so many of you find it hard to believe one can make too-hot sauce accidentally!

Here's how you do it: take 2 dozen hot peppers... a nice variety including Vietnamese black peppers, Habaneros (still green,) Long Johns, Jalepenos, Hungarian Wax, etc etc. Basically all the not-red hot peppers I've acquired in the last 6 weeks from CSA. (The red were dried and crushed.) Add vinegar, a tad of sugar, spices and cook until soft. Puree and get your wife to taste it. Say you're sorry when she's still having intestinal pain several days later. Then try again.

The 2nd incarnation got a whole messa green tomatoes, cabbage, sweet green peppers and carrots. A bit more sugar. Assure wife it's better this time. Apologize profusely for your lack of trustworthiness and judgment. Then, catch Princess Jeanne on the IM and beg for guidance. Here's what we came up with.

First I cubed and sauteed 2 giant butternut squashes with about 4 heads of roasted garlic and a couple of apples. Then I added 1, 2, 3 spoons of the sauce. Mmm, nice and spicy. Add 2 more spoons. WHOOO SPICY! I have all sorts of ideas for this concoction. Add some curry and chick peas, over rice, yum! Blend into soup! So since I had a GIGANTO POT of it and it's too spicy for the kids, hmmm. So I slathered it over a baking sheet and have frozen it. I'll bust that into chunks to throw into other dishes.

Then I was left with a quart minus 5 tablespoons so I found a nearly empty Sriracha bottle and constructed a funnel from an aluminum pie plate (this is where the eye thing comes into play, shoulda worn goggles) and stored 17oz of the hellfire. I imagine we'll still be worrying about that killing Mander's intestines next year. Or even the next. Anyway, it's there for her.

With what remained I had what I think is a brilliant idea! I spread the rest out on the fruit leather trays of my dehydrator and I've got it out there crusting up. When it's dry I will grind it for a dash of hot in whatever we want. Now THAT I can make good use of. Killing Mander's intestines. Or, just very very lightly hotting up pretty much anything. If it really works out well and tastes as good as it smells, it could become part of spicy herb mixes for Christmas. If it's superb then I might dry some of the 17oz.

L'amandita, Suzette, if y'all want some of the unadulterated hot, let me know and I'll make sure some is saved in liquid form, should I decide to dry it all.

And that's how you do it! :D
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I'm going to be offloading some of my art. The ones I've painted will go on Etsy, the ones I've collected and can live without I'll have to try here or on Craigs. If you've been waiting for me to et around to selling some of it, let me know what you're after and we'll see if it's on The List.

Here's the Pear Lady for your amusement.
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Not a house this time, just this.
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In honor of and as a symbol of my joy in Kena and Bruno's happiness, I created the Wedding Garden yesterday. It's a perennial flower bed (with a dash of rhubarb, because love and marriage are both sweet and sour) next to Pete's Hole (also maybe a little bit of a love spell for our beautiful Pete?) In it I planted lilies, irises and peonies, and I seeded for lupine, hollyhocks, lobelia, lychnis for a touch of mystery and wildflowers. There will be a sign (perhaps Kena will allow me to use the image from her invitation!) and when the flowers all come in it will be quite a spectacular cutting garden.

It's important in a marriage to trim regularly, to select the most beautiful blossoms for savoring. One must allow some overgrowth, to be mindful of and appreciate the chaos and beauty of loving abundance. And one must not fear the occasional bare spot, for something unexpected may be growing there, something that makes the whole garden more beautiful. And by paying attention to what dominates, we can strive for balance, encouraging the neglected come to the sun and thrive.

Water, fertilize, love.
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Revelation #1!

Dr. Breana is the Easter Bunny, right? Uh huh, well get this: I, in her stead, got TMBG Here Come the 123s to place in the Easter basket. The girls are obsessed with it, we listen to it constantly.

And there is a song on it that makes us all randomly shout "HULA HULA!" Coincidence?? I DON'T THINK SO.

Revelation #2!

Imagine homemade waffles. Imagine them with homemade maple syrup. Even FAKE maple syrup. Now, imagine, SRIRACHA. Oh man is that GOOD. Only thing better? Waffles, syrup, sriracha and vanilla ice cream.

Thank you, thank you! My work here is done and my legacy established. yes.

Revelation #3!

We can identify a maple tree in the winter! Tapped one tonight and in a leisurely stroll around the forest found another we will tap tomorrow. Boiling all day today, about the 7 gallons I lost over the weekend. And the weather looks to be consistently good for mapling all through next week. Whoo!
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I think if the weather keeps up like it has we'll have another boil this weekend. Our 7 gallon bucket is almost full!

Oooh, fog!

Unrelated to the fog, I think mistpouffer is my new favorite word. Smashing!
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I made it tonight and it's REALLY good, but in a weak moment succumbed to take out suggestions. I had soup for lunch, so ok.

I took a bunch of little red potatoes and cut them to roughly equal size and threw them in the bottom of a pot where I had melted some butter with some olive oil. Browned them with a chopped onion. Added about 4 cups of water mixed with a tad of ham and a few tads of turkey BTB. Let that simmer until the potatoes were soft, then smashed them, leaving sufficient chunkage. OMG. Seriously, that's IT. SO good.


Feb. 9th, 2008 01:04 pm
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Here's the flyer!!
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I am now the proud and glazed over owner of the entire Northern Exposure dvd set. Thanks Dad! Thanks Karla!
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So, what is the point of eating heritage meat? We eat them to keep them alive. Back in the early days of American agriculture (mm, let's say mid 1800's to mid 19's) farmers developed all sorts of varied breeds of livestock, well designed for their own purposes... meat, milk, eggs, etc. As factory farming became the norm these breeds were replaced in commercially profitable... breeds of turkey that can't even mate naturally because they're so deformed by breeding for profit. The heritage breeds are historically important, imo, because they represent a connection to a wiser time of food production, when people were truly part of a natural cycle and not stretching the limits of nourishment really means.

And so, with that I have embarked upon cooking my second heritage turkey. I've modified the recipe I used for Thanksgiving, mostly out of necessity. I think my subs serve the same functions.

I processed a giant clove of garlic, rosemary, butter and some malta (soft drink, original recipe calls for maple syrup) and rubbed that all under the skin of the butterflied bird. I laid her on a bed of cut leeks, on a broiling pan, and tucked some leeks in her cleavage. I've got a giblet stock with leeks, sherry and malta, plus a glob of the butter stuff to baste with. It's in a 425 oven with oiled parchment over top.
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As Mander scraped a bit of debris off my cheek I said, potato? she said with a shrug, pahtahto. )
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Tonight's soup is a couple of cups of water to dilute the leftover spaghetti sauce with all of what it had, plus some udon noodles with veg left over from the pass a dish this morning (which people ate UP, yay!) I had a roasted spaghetti squash and put that in too. I'm calling it soup. Smells really good and I'll never be able to make it again.

The other night's soup was chicken noodle with the stock from the chicken, some breast meat chopped, some purreed bean soup from the other day and big wriggly tri-colored pasta. YUM.

In other soup news, we're having our 2nd Ithaca Soup Night next week. One family coming is vegan and so I'll make something with whatever we get from the Winter CSA we joined (thanks to Frank (aka the Old Coot) the day before. The other soup is going to be a split pea with hemmm I think. Maybe we'll hack a piece of the lavendar hemm and see what it's doing. It's the smallest (1/2 lb?)so it has probably aged in dog years compared to the big one (15lb,) right?

Ok, Mander nixed the early hemm idea. I don't think we should experiment on a houseful of people, she says. They can all thank her later.

I've decided to call tonight's soup, and every other soup that fits its criteria, Festival of Leftover Soup. Nice, don'tcha think?

Exxxcept I just threw in some frozen uncooked shrimp and a can of clams. It's not FoL! It's chowdah!
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I had soaked some navy beans, night before last. So, them combined with the bone from a roast pork shoulder will be soup!

Couple tb of olive oil and some of that left behind buttery spread, 1/2 an onion chopped, a clove of garlic squished, one purple potato chopped, sauteed until transparent (not the potato but you know) then browned the bone. Added water, some finnes herbes and parsley, and now the beans are cooking. Later I'll add some carrot, maybe some of the red pepper (ee!) and maybe a bit of shitake for fun. I'll update later with actual goings on. Oh! and about a cup of the water was actually a cuppa tea I had left by the stove and forgot earlier. Waste not want not!

I did end up adding carrot, shitake and a tsp of ham BTB
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So, no takers on the cheez whiz experiment?

Not soup

Dec. 30th, 2007 06:06 pm
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But inventive perhaps, so I record it here:

2 halves of a roasted squash, seeded

1/4 c grated carrot
1/4 smashed squash
1 egg
1/4 c bread crumbs
1/4 c caramelized onions
1/2 c shredded cheese (raw cheddar in our case)
mixed in a bowl together

8-10 peeled, uncooked shrimp
6-8 dried shitake hats, rehydrated (liquid reserved for soup tomorrow)
butter/spread mix, dab of lobster BTB

When the shrimps and shrooms cool I will chop them up and mix with the other, and add a little bit of mayo and probably dill since I just got some. I will heap all of that onto the squash halves and bake until bubbly and browned on top. I'm hoping for a shrimp puff sort of effect with squashy infusion. White wine I think! Mmmm.
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Happy birthday my love! I am SO happy you exist!!!
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Hey y'all! I'm gonna ask that you comment here to clue me in to who you are before I friend you. Capiche?

What I mean is, if you're a lurker and would like in on my default-private posts (meatporn! family pictures!) declare yourself, because if you don't have an active journal and I can't figure it out from your profile then I can't friend!
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Leftover stew ala tortilla soup: veggie broth, leftover balsamic bruchetta, another chopped tomato, frozen corn, chicken bits and parts left over from dinner last night, half an onion, some dried cilantro. Served with crunched chips and shredded cheddar.
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I love finding new names on my friends list, especially when I know who they are!  Since my default is friends only, let me know if you'd like me to friend you or friend you back. Cheers!
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My irreverant/bastardized* take on Chi's BLT soup. *I am incapable of following directions.

(doubled for Triplet Twin delivery)

4 cans of tomato soup, 4 cans of water
1 chopped tomato I had around
1/4 of a large onion, shaved
dried basil, black pepper, pizza seasoning
1/2 pound of bacon, cooked crisp and drained over the tomato soup, minus chef's take
2 baga of cheese tortellinis boiled in soup, staggered because I initially thought 1 was enough and then though wth

Cooking until torts are done, crumbling bacon on top for serving. Maybe with a slice of bread and garlic, or not
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